Monday, 27 February 2017

nomkenolife Feb 2017 box

Link here ;)

Hello there :)
I've ordered the new subscription box from tokvo treat >.<
vou can find all infos about the box on mv "basic infos" page.

Let's start:
This is the very first box of nmnl ever published.
It costs 29.99$/month (incl. shipping) but you can use codes for your first box to get a discount.

and this was inside February's box:

Sailor Moon false eyelashes, you were able to get one of 4 designs. I got the Sailor Venus one. To be honest I would have wished for either Jupiter or Mercury because I like cold colours on me more, but these to suit me well.
They are very comfortable to wear, and have the sailor guardians colour on the outside. 
The look pretty natural and I am super happy to have them :)

The best part is that I also got the dolly wink eyelash glue. I love it so much. I am actually allergic against body glues (I can't even wear plasters), but this is just awesome.

The zawachin x noyl eyeshadow palette comes in 4 different shades. I got the one with orange inside. Which is just great us I also the orange lashes.
Here are all the colours.
 Pretty right?

The Hello Kitty facial masks comes with 8 plain white sheets. The hydrate my skin very well, what I like the best, is that the fluid doesn't go everywhere when wearing it :)

Then there is the sakura facial bar soap. I haven't tried it yet as I am still using some other face products, but the scent is divine.

Last but not least is the puchi animal hand cream. It comes in 3 scents/designs. I got the honey one. The scent is really strong and nice, and I love how I can chain it to my handbag.

So, what do you think about the nmnl box? Do you like it?
I can't wait for the next one :3


P.S. I ordered some more subscription boxes to compare. Stay tuned :)

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