Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tokyo Treat - Feb 17

The February  Tokyo Treat box has the Theme "Valentine's Day".
I always get the premium box which includes most products, for more details about the subscription see "Basic info about subscription boxes".

This box included 13 snacks / candies + 1 DIY kit + 1 Drink + 1 special item.

I'll sort them in a way, so that you can see what you would have gotten in each package size^^
 Let's start :D


Strawberry Chocolate Covered Barley Puffs:
Forgot to take a picture sorry, but you can see the package above, it's the on the left second from the bottom. 
The taste was very strawberry like, I really enjoyed them :)

Tirol Choco - Strawberry Assortment:
They came in 3 different tastes: 
Tea - very fresh, tastes of green tea, biscuit inside, light strawberry taste
Smoothie - very fruity, has marshmallows inside
Mille-feuille: tastes just like a cake, biscuit and soft parts inside, my favourite of the three!

Strawberry Picola:
2 small packages inside, smells and tastes very much of  strawberry - extremely delicious

Peach Gumballs:
I didn't like these at all, they are very sour as soon as you bite inside, and when the sour taste is gone it tastes of nothing...

Mini Peach Ramune:
Very peachy taste, nice small bites, but nothing special...

Calbee Kataage Chips - Clam Soup Flavour:
these were extremely crispy but the taste was average...

Mini Asparagus Biscuits:
Very crispy, they have a slight burnt taste and just a bit of chocolate. I liked these a lot!

(+all above)

Strawberry Mousse DIY:
This came with pretty pictures to make it, and it was very easy! I only had to add some milk and put it in the fridge.
It had a very strawberry like taste and it was my favourite of all :D

Calpis Gummy Apple Flavour:
 very soft, liquidy inside, sugar coated - very delicious!

Harvest Cheese Cracker Sandwich:
strong scent and taste of cheese - even the biscuit part, inside the cheese cream is soft. Yummy!

Bourbon Petit Shrimp Crackers:
very light, strong shrimp taste, low on calories - loved them!

(+all above)

Strawberry Langue De Chat Cookie:
soft and very fruity - great!

Strawberry Chocolate Lollipops:
very strawberry like taste, loved them!

Japanese Apple Sparkling Soda:
great taste of apple, but in my opinion I could just mix apple juice and sparkling water to get the same effect

SPECIAL ITEM - Pocky Midi Strawberry Fromage:

buttery taste, more topping than biscuit stick, great strawberry taste - delicious :3

SPECIAL ITEM - AMUSE Japanese Lucky Charm:
 Came in 6 different designs, with a card you can wirte your wish on - very cute >.<

What would you like to try most?


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