Saturday, 27 June 2015

50's Dress for my brother's graduation

Sorry, for the late update, I was very busy (for more details check here).

Anyways, last week was my brothers graduation, and for the actual party / dinner I was wearing this great dress:

I am sorry for the funny face >.<

I bought the dress at a local gothic / rockabilly store, but I've seen really similar ones on eBay.
The shoes are from Tamaris and I've reviewed those before, just like my cute heart purse which I got at New Yorker :D

Sorry for the short post, I still hope you enjoyed it.
If you have any questions, just ask :D

I hope to review a shopping haul next week, but I don't know if my order is delivered quickly enough...


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Unicornborn Shopping Haul Review

This time, I will review the etsy store unicornborn. It sells handmade jewellery.
I bought 3 products from the shop, 2 chokers and a ring. 
I received everything in only 5 days time, which is not a lot thinking the products in the shop are made to order. The shop is stationed in the UK, and the goods were shipped after 2 days of my order.
I had also asked, for the velvet heart choker
to be made a little larger, this was no problem either.
The shop owner is really nice and easy to contact :)
When you order chokers, make sure to check out the sizes, if they won't fit, ask her to make it larger / smaller. 
The prices are very fair, both for the hand made items and the shipping. Nice for a nearly empty wallet ^.^

The goods were nicely packed in a plastic envelope, here are some pictures of the packaging:

First comes the Velvet Hear choker:

The material is really comfortable, and it has a chain in the back, thus it can be closed (to your own size) just like a usual necklace.
It comes in black velvet material with a silver metal heart.

Next comes the tattoo choker:

Again, the material is comfortable to wear and you can choose it in different colours, I chose the dark pink one. I will probably wear it for my daily / casual outfits, as it is my favourite new item <3

And last but not least, the Ditsy Daisy ring:

Very comfortable to wear, as the metal ring is easily bent and can be made to fit any size :)
You can choose from different colours, I chose the pastel pink one.
I usually don't wear rings, as I don't feel comfortable wearing them, but this one is really great!

They have many more products, also anime themed chokers!
Check out their store, I've added all the links.
Also here you can find their instagram page.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


Monday, 8 June 2015

Cute Daily Outfit

Hey guys, I am back, sorry for the late update, but I went to Amsterdam for 3 days with university. You can see pictures of my trip here if you like :)

This time I'll review one of my favourite outfits.
So here we go:

Clothes and where I bought them:

Dress: H&M
Croptop: local store in Japan (sorry)
Boots: Liz Lisa

I know there aren't any links to click, I am sorry about that!
I'll soon start reviews about shopping hauls, wigs, etc as well.
Just wait a bit as I am waiting for some goods to arrive and German Mail is on Strike this week -.-

But here comes the review:

Dress: My favourite one (the same as the black one I reviewed in my first post). I have this for 5 or 6 years now, it is still in one piece and I think that's enough to say about the quality, right? I mean how many dresses survive this long?
There is one soft under fabric and then two layers of tull, the top one being softer than the other. Super comfortable to wear the whole day! 
Rating: 5/5

Croptop: I guess this was supposed to be oversized :P but hey, I am not asian xD
Comfortable to wear, and the print survived hundreds of washings. The dots you can see, are no prints by the way, but see through spots.
 But honestly, this outfit works with any light coloured crop top.
Rating: 5/5

Boots: Sadly no real sizes were given, I had to choose from S/M/L and got the biggest one. I have EU size 39, and they are JUST big enough. Still they are comfortable to wear and easy to get in. It is of high quality and easy to walk in. It only takes a bit of time until you tied the boots properly xD
Rating 4/5

This is all for now, If you have any questions just ask.
 I hope my orders arrive soon, so that I can to shop / haul / wig reviews.


P.S. Please check my other blog for pictures of my Amsterdam trip :D