Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tilly Me - Haul

Hey there people ^^
This week I'll only write a short post, as on 30th I have some deadlines from university, but I hope you'll still enjoy this!
(sorry for the bad pics and bad overall outfit)

 So, I ordered a cute skirt and a 3/4 sleeved shirt from Tilly Me Clothing.
 They have both an etsy store (which I bought from) and their own one, which I'll link here.
On their etsy store, they show the measurements of their products, thus it is easy to find out what fits you. 
It took my clothes 3 weeks to arrive after I ordered (sent from Australia), which is great, as the German toll usually takes ages!

Here comes the packaging:

    I love how they wrapped it as a present and gave me extra stickers and a card, this gives the order a much more personal feeling and I feel cared about by the designer!

Here is a picture of me wearing both skirt and shirt, I took this in a hurry at my grandma's birthday party. Usually I'd wear black plateau shoes with it and probably a wig and my cat-ear beanie, but it was quite warm that day, and I knew I'd be playing with the dog and my cousin, thus I decided for this okay-ish outfit >.<
Argh, and at the moment I can't wear contacts AGAIN because my eyes feel funny all the time -.-

Again, sorry for the crappy photo >.< 

I love both skirt and shirt. The material is of a high quality, and so is the print on the shirt. The elastic of the skirt is very thick, making it super comfortable to wear and it doesn't leave funny marks. 
Here are some close-ups of the prints:

This is all for now, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I'll answer them asap!
See you next week.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Presents from

Hey there guys :D
One of my penpals (Rikke from Denmark) sent me some self made hair accessories. And as she has an online store on which she sells awesome stuff, I thought it would be a nice idea to review those.
I was sent one black hairpin with a neon pink bird and a neon pink hair-elastic with a grey bird.
I absolutely love both of them a lot and they match perfectly with my natural wig and some of my wigs. 

Here are some photos for you :

Aren't those super pretty.
Her store by the way is:

And she also sent me her business card, I decided to cover her full name and phone number though, just in case >.<

Thank you so very, very much Rikke, I love both a lot! 


(The wig by the way is from eBay, I've linked it before, but HERE you go again >.<)

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gofun Nail Polish from Byakko Mark

Hey guys, and sorry for not updating in a while, I had stress with deadlines and stuff and got stuck playing AC Brotherhood >.<

This time I'll review the Gofun nail polish from Byakko Mark which has lately become quite famous under nail polish lovers like me and I really wanted to try it. Luckily a Japanese Penpal of mine was kind enough to send me 2 awesome colours! Thus I don't know the official price, but check out eBay, they'll surely have it!

Any way, for all of you who don't know, Gofun nail polish is shell-based pigmented and is supposed to be super kind to your fingernails as they can breathe through it. Also it is one of the most quickly drying nail polishes I've ever had!
For more information check out there page here.

Here are some pictures of the nail polish. The grayish-purpleish colour is highly pigmented and covers the nail completely whilst the sparkly pink one shows your natural nails under it.
Also every nail polish is sealed:

Here is a picture of the first cover on my nails (sorry I need a new camera)

And here is one after I applied it a second time:

Don't both colours look awesome! I love it so much, it will be my new fave polish!
The pink one is such a girlish colour, whilst I can use the grayish-blue-purple when I go to work or something like that. 

Thankyou so much Hiroko for sending those to me :*

The nail polish lasted nearly 3 days without scratches or the colour going off. On day 3 I went and played with my mums puppy after which parts of the polish got ripped off. Not their fault but mine xD To me it reminds me of paint, as the polish is very flexible and doesn't crumble also it is supposed to not dry in the container, but I don't have it long enough to review this point.