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Tokyo Treat March 2017 - Sakura and Matcha Theme
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So here is March's Tokyo Treat Box with the Theme "Sakura and Matcha".

The "Sakura Chopsticks" came in the Premium Box. They have a super pretty design and a great quality.
I didn't find these online, but I guess you could get them for 2$. 

The "Sakura Sakuranbo Royal Milk Tea" is this month's drink (Premium Box). I loved it so much. I am addicted to tea anyways - but that slight cherry taste made my day.
I found this for about 1.50$

From left to top to right.

In the small box came the "sequoia chocolate matcha green tea flavor".
This was amazing, I really love the taste of matcha.
I found these online for 1$.

also in the small box came the "Strawberry Cotton Candy".
It tasted so good and brought back childhood memories.
I couldn't find these online but I'd guess it would be between 1 and 2$.

The "animal land gummy - grape" was in the regular box.
I love the taste of grape gummy.
I found these for 0.50$.

The "Pickled Sakura Daikon" (small box) - I didnt't like this taste as a snack but it was good with plain rice.
I found this for 4$.

The "Dars Uji Matcha Flavor" was in the premium sized box.
I love Dars chocolate combined wit the Matcha it is one of my favs this month.
I found it for 3.50$ online.

also in the premium box the "Sakura Saku Latte Candy".
I loved all of the 4 tastes.
I found this for 3$.

The "Sakura Konpeito Candy" came in the premium box.
It tastes like pure sugar, thus I use it for tea xD
I found something similar for 3$.

The "Harvest Rich Matcha Chocolate Sandwich" is my fav in this box (small box). It is so nice and crunchy but soft in the middle.
I found these for  2.50$ online.

In the regular box came the "Peach Caramel Corn".
I love Caramel Corn so much, and these are just too cute.
These are 2.50$ online.

The "Cola Diamond Ring" was in the small box. It is a fun treat but nothing special.
 I'd guess these would be 0.50$??

also in the small box was the "Poteco Delicious Salt".
It has a nice crunch but the taste isn't special.
 These cost 2$ online.

In the small box: "Tirol Choco - Sakura mochi":
it  has real mochi inside >.<
I found these for 1.50$ online.

In the regular box: "Pie no Mi - Green Tea Flavor"
 one of the best items in this box. loved it.
about 3$ online.

Last but not least, this month's diy - I didn't like the taste but it was loads of fun.
This was in the regular box and costs 3$ online.

I loved this month's theme. I am so happy with it :)

Let's add everything together (guessed as I couldn't find all of the treats):
small: 13.50$
regular: 22.50$
premium: 35.50$

Thank you 


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