Sunday, 12 February 2017

Yume Twins Box - Feb 17

Hey, there!
If you've been following me on instagram you know that I still get the Yume Twins Box every month. It is a great way to be suprised with kawaii merchandise every month :3

(For basic info about the yume twins box look at the bottom of this post)
The Theme of February was "New Favourites" and contained these goodies:

A Neko Atsume Reusable Shopping bag:

It came in 2 colours and I got the yellow one. You can fold the big bag and store it in the little one. I already used it for my groceries shopping (it's material makes it easy to clean) and more than I had imagined fits inside.

Sumikko Gurashi Wall Hook:

This came in 4 different designs. The hook has one sticky side, you can stick it anywhere you want and it can hold weights up to 1kg.

AMUSE Cat a la Mode Keychain:

You were able to get one out of six designs. I use mine as a little figure :3

Bananya Mini-mascot Keychain:

This Bananya comes in 5 different designs, I think its really cute, but I don't know where to add it on yet.

This month's special;
Shinada Fumofumo-san Plush:

This month's special item was a very large plushie which barely fit into the box! It comes in 24 different styles and I am really happy with the pastel blue one I got :3
It's very soft and absolutely cuddable.


Some Basic Info about the Yume Twins Box:

* Subscription box comes every month
* Costs 29.99$ / month (inkl. shipping + handling) - can be cancelled every month  / individual months can be skipped
*Costs can be minimized, the subscription 12 Months in advance and you save 2.49$ each month
*Often there are deals where you can save 5$ on your first box
*A little booklet is added in every box with info about the content of the box
*Each month has a different theme
*Each box contains 5 goodies worth 50$ and more

*There are photo contest every month in which you can win special merchandise and free boxes
*Every month one of all subscribers is chosen to win the "Yume Prize" filled with loads of kawaii goodies worth much, much more!
*There is a community page in  every booklet with 16 pictures from IG with the #YUMETWINS, one of mine was already added
*They revamped the box with the motto: "Newer, Bigger, Better" and up til now they are holding their promise :)

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