Friday, 15 May 2015

Romwe Jumper :)

So, here comes my second outfit, featuring a jumper I bought on Romwe:

Jumper: Romwe
 Shorts:  H&M
Shoes: Deichmann

I usually don't wear shorts, rather dresses and skirts, but Tasha encouraged me and I think it fits perfectly with the jumper.

So, I'll start with the jumper:  it was my first order from (together with a couple other pieces which will still come up). I bought it for 15.48€ (16.13$) in L size. The material is really comfortable and nice and stretchy. The colours are: off-white, red and black. I really love the design of the jumper. If you like the style, I'd really recommend you to buy it, it's worth the price! 

Next come the shorts: like  I already said, they are from H&M, and they are only 9,99€. I had to get it a size larger than I usually need, but who cares :) The material feels comfortable and is slightly stretchy. There are different types of designs for these shorts, I love this ornament designs, but I am thinking of getting the sakura ones as well :3
Again, I totally recommend this!

The shoes are from Deichmann, for round about 20€. The shoes are well made, I wear them to work and everything and they are still fine to wear even though I use them so much!

I hope you liked this, again, photos were taken by Tascha, who'll start a blog soon too.
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  1. After I've visited you, you can't find your jumper again as I'm taking that!! :D

    1. As if, just go buy it on romwe, it's not too expensive xD