Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Lolita outfit for Dokomi :D (From bodyline)

On Saturday I went to the Dokomi Convetion (you can find some more info on my other blog, here). And I thought I'd show you what I was wearing:


Dress: bodyline
wig: eBay
shoes: bodyline 

I am sorry, the bodyline links won't show the exact objects >.<
But both are still in stock, so check them out!!

I'll start with dress and shoes. Both are, as mentioned, from bodyline. I love this shop, it is fairly cheap but the products are ALWAYS of great quality. The shipping usually takes 2 weeks (weekends included). Also you can always check the sizes for clothes :3
 The dress doesn't reach my knees when I use a petticoat. The material is nice and soft, it doesn't itch anyway and looks exactly like on the shops page. The dress stretches nicely and the colours are great!
The shoes are made out of a very strong material. They are comfortable to wear, though you maybe you should get them a (Japanese) size larger than you usually would. Also, I had to make extra holes in the straps for my feet to fit in, especially those on the ankle. Which I honestly don't understand as I don't think that my ankles are fat xD
But with a bit of work you can do that without any problems. I love the plateau stlye, its so easy to walk in them.
Rating Dress: 5/5  Shoes: 4/5

Now to the wig, I bought it on eBay, I how it has 2 different colours, it is made for kawaii outfits. The material is soft, I was able to wear it the whole day without being annoyed. Super comfortable, and honestly I think it looks really natural! The hair doesn't tangle too much and is easy to comb. But it looses hair quickly :(
I'll defo buy some more wigs from this store, they have great wigs!! Rating for the wig: 4/5

Okay, so if you have any questions please just ask, I'd be glad to answer them!
Also check out my other blog, to get more info on Dokomi, see what I purchased and participate at my anime poster giveaway if you like :D



  1. Oh my gosh I love your whole outfit!! >3<
    Would LOVE to wear stuff like you do but I somehow feel those wouldn't look natural on me.. :(

    1. The trick is to only wear stuff you like 100% Even things like lolita dresses have to fit your "usual" style. I am trying to keep it cute but simple, not going into decora or gothic styles as these wouldn't be natural on me. But if you feel good in the clothes, it will show, and you will feel "natural" :D