Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello :3

Hello and Welcome to my new fashion blog >.<
This will be all about my own (sometimes strange) style.
Just enjoy it :3

And here comes my first outfit:

Dress: H&M
Crop-Shirt: New Yorker
Shoes: Tamaris
Wig : eBay
Necklace: Handmade (not by me though)

This was the outfit I wore to the scandal concert. I promised to upload better pics so here you go, my first entry to this blog >,<

 The tull dress is my absolute favourite, I love to combine it with different shirts. You'll see it again!!
Because of the underskirt it is super comfy to wear and doesn't itch.  There are also two different layers of tull, the bottom one is harder than the top one.

The really light fabric of the shirt makes it perfect to wear over this dress. Great for spring and early summer days. 

The plateau shoes again are one of my faves. I have those for ages now and I can walk the whole day with those, even run after the train xD

The wig is from eBay, it is really soft and doesn't itch. All this for only 5,99€, I was really surprised. With the right hairstyles it also looks really natural. Even from close up.

The necklace is some kind of tull fabric (white) with (black) beads. Easy to make yourself :)

The photos were taken by Tascha, who will start her own blog soon. I'll post the link when she does.

Of you want to know anything, leave the question in the comment box below.

You can also check my first blog.


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