Saturday, 30 May 2015

I Love Peter Pan Collor Dresses

This Post is for all the people who might be bored this Weekend. I myself have to work both days which is also a reason why I can't go to the Japan-Day in Düsseldorf *sob*

This time I will review an adorable Peter Pan Collar Dress by People Tree. I love it, and here come the pics:

 I also did a closeup of the pattern + collar for you <3

A small rundown: 

Shoes: Tamaris
Purse: New Yorker
Sunglasses: Local Optician

To the dress: It actually looks shorter on this picture than it actually is. Though I still wear shorts under it just in case >,<  It's one of my favourite dresses, super comfortable, doesn't slip up like other dresses, and  both the collar and design make it look super cute. The material is very soft and never itches. The dress itself doesn't have to be ironed, the collar does though... Also, when it's windy the dress loves to go up like a balloon, which is why I am wearing the shorts underneath just in case. 
I also like the brand itself and really want to buy a dress there again, it's stationed in the UK, but they seem to sell the clothes to boutiques or such, as I bought it in Helsinki. I put the link above, but the dress I am reviewing isn't there anymore...

Shoes: The shoes are a present from my mum, they are made out of leather, and I don't buy leather shoes / clothes as I am veggie. But I still wear them if they are presents :) They are nice red pumps with a shiny material and fit well to the foot. The inside is made out of leather and is really comfortable. They are great to wear :) They are about 10cm high, but also have a bit of plateau to make it more comfortable to walk in. I forgot to take a closeup, sorry >.< but I put the exact link above for you to check out :)

Purse: a review will be coming with another outfit I'll wear at my brother's graduation, but to make it short. It's very small  (a postcard hardly fits in) and I got it at New Yorker when it was for Sale for only 1€ I don't know if you can still find it there, it has been a couple of weeks since then. But if you like it a lot, check out eBay, Etsy or storenvy, I am sure you'll find something very similar there :)

Well, this is all for today, if you have any questions just ask. If you liked this, don't forget to follow and comment :D

Photos were taken by Tascha again (who I have to kick to finally start her blog xD)



  1. Kick her harder!!! >:( I want to see her blog up and running!
    And oh the dress is so perfect! Maybe I should start getting dresses as well.. :S It's about time at (almost) 24..

    1. I know, I know, I am trying xD
      And yes, you should get dresses, after all that is just ONE piece to buy in stead of trousers and a shirt. And you don't have to think how to combine it either xD I love dresses the most, right after come skirts xD