Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gofun Nail Polish from Byakko Mark

Hey guys, and sorry for not updating in a while, I had stress with deadlines and stuff and got stuck playing AC Brotherhood >.<

This time I'll review the Gofun nail polish from Byakko Mark which has lately become quite famous under nail polish lovers like me and I really wanted to try it. Luckily a Japanese Penpal of mine was kind enough to send me 2 awesome colours! Thus I don't know the official price, but check out eBay, they'll surely have it!

Any way, for all of you who don't know, Gofun nail polish is shell-based pigmented and is supposed to be super kind to your fingernails as they can breathe through it. Also it is one of the most quickly drying nail polishes I've ever had!
For more information check out there page here.

Here are some pictures of the nail polish. The grayish-purpleish colour is highly pigmented and covers the nail completely whilst the sparkly pink one shows your natural nails under it.
Also every nail polish is sealed:

Here is a picture of the first cover on my nails (sorry I need a new camera)

And here is one after I applied it a second time:

Don't both colours look awesome! I love it so much, it will be my new fave polish!
The pink one is such a girlish colour, whilst I can use the grayish-blue-purple when I go to work or something like that. 

Thankyou so much Hiroko for sending those to me :*

The nail polish lasted nearly 3 days without scratches or the colour going off. On day 3 I went and played with my mums puppy after which parts of the polish got ripped off. Not their fault but mine xD To me it reminds me of paint, as the polish is very flexible and doesn't crumble also it is supposed to not dry in the container, but I don't have it long enough to review this point.


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