Sunday, 9 August 2015

Cat Beanie

Hey people, and thanks for visiting my blog :)
This week I'll shortly review a cat beanie I purchased on eBay. I've seen the exact same ones on Etsy and Storenvy too. I'll link the eBay shop HERE for you though.

I'll start off with the stock photo though:

And here is a photo of me wearing it:

Sorry I took this pic with my laptop >3<

The beanie is well made and comfortable to wear. It only costs 3,99€ with free shipping, which is great. When I first opened the parcel, it stunk of plastic, but after a couple of days it was gone. The shipping took 2 months, which is super long, but then again, free shipping for such a low cost item. Still, it's the longest time I've ever had to wait for an order.
I chose the beige one (other colours: red and black) , as it gives the best cat look in my opinion (the red one looks devil like, but still great). For the product it self, I love it, and I'll wear it a lot in winter for sure! The eBay shop gets a big minus point though for not mentioning that it's a "fake" product. Yes, I know for this price I shouldn't think of anything else, BUT the stock pictures show a pink tag on the side of the beanie (you can check the eBay page for that) which isn't there in the product I received. Except for that it looks exactly like I imagined it to look like :D
This is an item I can recommend everyone to buy, esp. as it's really cheap! Just make sure to order it now, so that you receive it, before the cold weather arrives xD


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  1. AWW!! I want the beige or black one! x3 SO cute! :D Too bad if I'd order it I bet it'd arrive next spring! :'D