Sunday, 2 August 2015

Blue Wig

Hey guys :D
This week I will review a blue wig I purchased on eBay.

First of all the stock photo:


And here come photos of me wearing them:

I honestly love this wig and you can get it HERE.
 The wig took 3 days to arrive (inside Germany) which is honestly fine!
The wig is soft and comfortable to wear, I cut it though to make it fit better to me. I have the feeling that wigs that are longer than my waistline look really fake on me. And with this length it looks like real coloured hair on me :D
The price is also fine with around about 13€, especially with this quality!
The quality isn't as good as the wigs from last week, but then again, this is way cheaper so keep that in mind :)
Wahh I look so strange on these pictures, but I can't wait to wear this wig to a nice outfit :3

If you have any questions, please just comment below!

See you next week

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