Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Wig is Fashion Haul

Hey there, and I am so sorry it took me so long to update my blog. But from now on I should be able to update more regularly as my exams are over and I found a new job YEAY :D

But for this week I'll show you my great haul from Wig is Fashion :3

This is the first wig:

Stock Photo
 The link to the wig is here.

And here is a picture of me wearing it :

And this is the second wig I bought:

Stock Photo
 Here is the link for more photos.

And here are photos of me:

 I cut the bangs to make it look more natural on me. The side bangs looked horrible on me >.<
And as you can see, the wig is a bit darker than on the stock photo.

Both wigs are of awesome quality. I can wear them the whole day without being annoyed by them or itched or something like that. And they look super natural! Bot wigs were around 20€ which is really cheap for this quality of wigs. All my family though I got a hair cut when I was wearing the first one. 

I got both these wigs on Wigisfashion.com but you can also get them on eBay. The only difference is, that on eBay you don't pay shipping, but the prices are higher, whilst on their actual shop the wigs have a lower price but you have to add shipping. You can choose between "normal" airmail shipping and express shipping. I chose for the cheaper one and my parcel took exactly one month to arrive. And I didn't have to pay any taxes :)
If you are searching for rather natural looking wigs, check out their store. They are great for daily wear! They also sell lacefront and human hair wigs.

I know these photos aren't the best, sorry >.< But you'll defo see them in fashion shoots and other reviews soon. I have some other wigs to finally review too, so stay tuned!


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