Sunday, 27 December 2015

Meet little Delta

Hey there :)
Today I was able to pick up my dog. 
I got her from a rescue centre in Portugal and had to wait a long time to adopt her :3

This is Delta. She is 3.5 years old and 35cm small.
Event hough she must be super stressed, she is super kind to everyone, wants to cuddle all the time and wants to be near humans.
I am super happy with her already, and I think she is with me too. 
As I am writing this, she is sleeping in her little rose bed with her toy.
My mum and I were only shocked, when she growled to my mum's dog today. She showed her teeth a lot 😲
But we can work on that, after all she just moved in with me today xD

Das hier ist Delta. Sie ist 3,5 Jahre alt und 35cm klein. Ich habe sie aus dem Tierschutz in Portugal bekommen :)
Obwohl sie sehr gestresst sein muss, war sie von Anfang an super lieb zu allen und wollte sofort schmusen!
Während ich das hier schreibe, schläft die kleine in ihrem Rosen-Bett.
Das einzige was meine Mutter und mich etwas geschockt hat, war als sie Jarla (mamas hund) entgegen die Zähne gefletscht und genutzt hat.
Aber sie ist ja erst seit heute hier und muss ganz viel neues verarbeiten.  Das wird sich schon bessern!



  1. AWW!! Such a cutie! :D And small enough for me to still visit! :D If you would have gotten a BIG dog I might have cancelled any future visits as I'm freaked out by big dogs unless those are REAL kind.. Like our neighbour's Finnish Lapphunds :) Those don't even care about cats and our Nasse is actually the one driving the dogs out of our yard! xD NO survival instinct! :D

    1. She is a real cutie! Scared of men though xD