Thursday, 23 March 2017

Yume Twins March 2017 - Totoro Theme
Welcome back :D

March's Theme is Totoro - whoot.

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For some basic info about this subscription, click here.

First the "shinada fukurairai plush", it came in 6 different designs. I got the rooster, which is great as I was born in the year of the rooster. 
I didn't find this exact one, but I found similar ones for 5$.

The "Totoro 3D Jigsaw puzzle" is the best item in this box. it's sooooo cute :3
It costs 9$ online.

The "Totoro Hand Towel" came in 5 different designs. I got the prettiest one xD
I found this towel for 14$ on amazon.

There were also 2 different Origami Sets inside. Each cost about 7$ online...
To be honest, one of them would have been enough for me, but ok...

So this box is worth about 42$ ... wow . much more than I would have expected... so :D


Saturday, 18 March 2017

nomakenolife March 2017 - Sakura Theme

Hello and welcome to my newest nmnl review.
For some basic information about the subscription, click here.

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This months theme is "Sakura" and this is inside:

On the right you can see the "ICHIKAMI Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner travel set"
I really love this brand, it makes my hair feel great :)
The scent is fantastic, I am disappointed though, that it is only a travel size.
I found this set online for 3$.

The "sakura harenohi hand care gift pack" comes with a soap and hand cream. The scent is fantastic and reminds me of the sakura line of The Bodyshop.
I found this set online for about 6$.

On the bottom left you can see the "wayumeguri sakura bath salt".
It has a fantastic sakura scent and makes my skin feel great.
I found this for 2$ online. 

On the top is the "sakura hand towel & cleaning cloth".
It has a pretty design, but it is clearly made in china.
I found a similar design from this brand for only 2$.

On the right is the most expensive item: "gensen labo hydrating sea kelp toner".
 It's a great toner which works well with my sensitive skin.
I found this for about 10$ online.

Lastly the "Choosy lip masks" There were 2 different ones in each box. I've never tried these before, but I know that you can get them everywhere online. 
Both together are about 3$.

So, all in all this box is worth about 26$ - it's okay but I would have wished for original sized products.
 I hope for something better in the next box >.<

Next month's theme will be "Skincare Essentials".
Get 3$ off the first box with the code "skincare"



Sunday, 12 March 2017

Tokyo Treat March 2017 - Sakura and Matcha Theme
Hello and welcome back :)
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For basic infos click here.
So here is March's Tokyo Treat Box with the Theme "Sakura and Matcha".

The "Sakura Chopsticks" came in the Premium Box. They have a super pretty design and a great quality.
I didn't find these online, but I guess you could get them for 2$. 

The "Sakura Sakuranbo Royal Milk Tea" is this month's drink (Premium Box). I loved it so much. I am addicted to tea anyways - but that slight cherry taste made my day.
I found this for about 1.50$

From left to top to right.

In the small box came the "sequoia chocolate matcha green tea flavor".
This was amazing, I really love the taste of matcha.
I found these online for 1$.

also in the small box came the "Strawberry Cotton Candy".
It tasted so good and brought back childhood memories.
I couldn't find these online but I'd guess it would be between 1 and 2$.

The "animal land gummy - grape" was in the regular box.
I love the taste of grape gummy.
I found these for 0.50$.

The "Pickled Sakura Daikon" (small box) - I didnt't like this taste as a snack but it was good with plain rice.
I found this for 4$.

The "Dars Uji Matcha Flavor" was in the premium sized box.
I love Dars chocolate combined wit the Matcha it is one of my favs this month.
I found it for 3.50$ online.

also in the premium box the "Sakura Saku Latte Candy".
I loved all of the 4 tastes.
I found this for 3$.

The "Sakura Konpeito Candy" came in the premium box.
It tastes like pure sugar, thus I use it for tea xD
I found something similar for 3$.

The "Harvest Rich Matcha Chocolate Sandwich" is my fav in this box (small box). It is so nice and crunchy but soft in the middle.
I found these for  2.50$ online.

In the regular box came the "Peach Caramel Corn".
I love Caramel Corn so much, and these are just too cute.
These are 2.50$ online.

The "Cola Diamond Ring" was in the small box. It is a fun treat but nothing special.
 I'd guess these would be 0.50$??

also in the small box was the "Poteco Delicious Salt".
It has a nice crunch but the taste isn't special.
 These cost 2$ online.

In the small box: "Tirol Choco - Sakura mochi":
it  has real mochi inside >.<
I found these for 1.50$ online.

In the regular box: "Pie no Mi - Green Tea Flavor"
 one of the best items in this box. loved it.
about 3$ online.

Last but not least, this month's diy - I didn't like the taste but it was loads of fun.
This was in the regular box and costs 3$ online.

I loved this month's theme. I am so happy with it :)

Let's add everything together (guessed as I couldn't find all of the treats):
small: 13.50$
regular: 22.50$
premium: 35.50$

Thank you 


Monday, 27 February 2017

nomkenolife Feb 2017 box

Link here ;)

Hello there :)
I've ordered the new subscription box from tokvo treat >.<
vou can find all infos about the box on mv "basic infos" page.

Let's start:
This is the very first box of nmnl ever published.
It costs 29.99$/month (incl. shipping) but you can use codes for your first box to get a discount.

and this was inside February's box:

Sailor Moon false eyelashes, you were able to get one of 4 designs. I got the Sailor Venus one. To be honest I would have wished for either Jupiter or Mercury because I like cold colours on me more, but these to suit me well.
They are very comfortable to wear, and have the sailor guardians colour on the outside. 
The look pretty natural and I am super happy to have them :)

The best part is that I also got the dolly wink eyelash glue. I love it so much. I am actually allergic against body glues (I can't even wear plasters), but this is just awesome.

The zawachin x noyl eyeshadow palette comes in 4 different shades. I got the one with orange inside. Which is just great us I also the orange lashes.
Here are all the colours.
 Pretty right?

The Hello Kitty facial masks comes with 8 plain white sheets. The hydrate my skin very well, what I like the best, is that the fluid doesn't go everywhere when wearing it :)

Then there is the sakura facial bar soap. I haven't tried it yet as I am still using some other face products, but the scent is divine.

Last but not least is the puchi animal hand cream. It comes in 3 scents/designs. I got the honey one. The scent is really strong and nice, and I love how I can chain it to my handbag.

So, what do you think about the nmnl box? Do you like it?
I can't wait for the next one :3


P.S. I ordered some more subscription boxes to compare. Stay tuned :)

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tokyo Treat - Feb 17

The February  Tokyo Treat box has the Theme "Valentine's Day".
I always get the premium box which includes most products, for more details about the subscription see "Basic info about subscription boxes".

This box included 13 snacks / candies + 1 DIY kit + 1 Drink + 1 special item.

I'll sort them in a way, so that you can see what you would have gotten in each package size^^
 Let's start :D


Strawberry Chocolate Covered Barley Puffs:
Forgot to take a picture sorry, but you can see the package above, it's the on the left second from the bottom. 
The taste was very strawberry like, I really enjoyed them :)

Tirol Choco - Strawberry Assortment:
They came in 3 different tastes: 
Tea - very fresh, tastes of green tea, biscuit inside, light strawberry taste
Smoothie - very fruity, has marshmallows inside
Mille-feuille: tastes just like a cake, biscuit and soft parts inside, my favourite of the three!

Strawberry Picola:
2 small packages inside, smells and tastes very much of  strawberry - extremely delicious

Peach Gumballs:
I didn't like these at all, they are very sour as soon as you bite inside, and when the sour taste is gone it tastes of nothing...

Mini Peach Ramune:
Very peachy taste, nice small bites, but nothing special...

Calbee Kataage Chips - Clam Soup Flavour:
these were extremely crispy but the taste was average...

Mini Asparagus Biscuits:
Very crispy, they have a slight burnt taste and just a bit of chocolate. I liked these a lot!

(+all above)

Strawberry Mousse DIY:
This came with pretty pictures to make it, and it was very easy! I only had to add some milk and put it in the fridge.
It had a very strawberry like taste and it was my favourite of all :D

Calpis Gummy Apple Flavour:
 very soft, liquidy inside, sugar coated - very delicious!

Harvest Cheese Cracker Sandwich:
strong scent and taste of cheese - even the biscuit part, inside the cheese cream is soft. Yummy!

Bourbon Petit Shrimp Crackers:
very light, strong shrimp taste, low on calories - loved them!

(+all above)

Strawberry Langue De Chat Cookie:
soft and very fruity - great!

Strawberry Chocolate Lollipops:
very strawberry like taste, loved them!

Japanese Apple Sparkling Soda:
great taste of apple, but in my opinion I could just mix apple juice and sparkling water to get the same effect

SPECIAL ITEM - Pocky Midi Strawberry Fromage:

buttery taste, more topping than biscuit stick, great strawberry taste - delicious :3

SPECIAL ITEM - AMUSE Japanese Lucky Charm:
 Came in 6 different designs, with a card you can wirte your wish on - very cute >.<

What would you like to try most?


Yume Twins Box - Feb 17

Hey, there!
If you've been following me on instagram you know that I still get the Yume Twins Box every month. It is a great way to be suprised with kawaii merchandise every month :3

(For basic info about the yume twins box look at the bottom of this post)
The Theme of February was "New Favourites" and contained these goodies:

A Neko Atsume Reusable Shopping bag:

It came in 2 colours and I got the yellow one. You can fold the big bag and store it in the little one. I already used it for my groceries shopping (it's material makes it easy to clean) and more than I had imagined fits inside.

Sumikko Gurashi Wall Hook:

This came in 4 different designs. The hook has one sticky side, you can stick it anywhere you want and it can hold weights up to 1kg.

AMUSE Cat a la Mode Keychain:

You were able to get one out of six designs. I use mine as a little figure :3

Bananya Mini-mascot Keychain:

This Bananya comes in 5 different designs, I think its really cute, but I don't know where to add it on yet.

This month's special;
Shinada Fumofumo-san Plush:

This month's special item was a very large plushie which barely fit into the box! It comes in 24 different styles and I am really happy with the pastel blue one I got :3
It's very soft and absolutely cuddable.


Some Basic Info about the Yume Twins Box:

* Subscription box comes every month
* Costs 29.99$ / month (inkl. shipping + handling) - can be cancelled every month  / individual months can be skipped
*Costs can be minimized, the subscription 12 Months in advance and you save 2.49$ each month
*Often there are deals where you can save 5$ on your first box
*A little booklet is added in every box with info about the content of the box
*Each month has a different theme
*Each box contains 5 goodies worth 50$ and more

*There are photo contest every month in which you can win special merchandise and free boxes
*Every month one of all subscribers is chosen to win the "Yume Prize" filled with loads of kawaii goodies worth much, much more!
*There is a community page in  every booklet with 16 pictures from IG with the #YUMETWINS, one of mine was already added
*They revamped the box with the motto: "Newer, Bigger, Better" and up til now they are holding their promise :)